Don's Registered Daylilies

introducing...Spring 2018




(Darla Anita X Bela Sera)
DOR 34" 6" MRe fra
This flower was named for my twin brother David who passed away in 1995. David was an amazing optimist with a very positive outlook and attitude. He would have loved this flower.
This is a vigorous grower with flat, heavily ruffled 6 inch flowers on 34" 3 way branches with Y laterals.
It has an average of 16 buds,  fragrant and a great rebloomer. Rebloom can have 4 way branching and up to 40 buds!  Many thanks goes to Sandra Frank for growing this flower for me, hence we are sharing the registration.

$25 DF
(Mandalay Bay X Darla Anita)
EV 37" 5 Mid fra
A tall hardy Evergreen with a cream flower and a heavy gold edge with fairly heavy substance.
It has 3 way branching with Y laterals and an average of 22 buds. Its garden name was "Chicken Fat " which I called it after hearing Ted Petit refer to these kind of edges ..funny!
Named Miss Vicki for a dear 95 year old friend (still living) I met years ago while living in Palm Springs, Ca

$15 DF

{(Colorado Moonfire X Forestlake Ragamuffin) X Pearl Harbor)}
DOR 32" 4  Mid
Coral Kincaid has been the most influential and encouraging friend for 11 years , so this flower is for her.
This is a 4 inch light rose flower which is speckled on both petals and sepals. It sports white midribs , and orangy throat with gold edge.
It stands 32 inches tall with 3 way branching with Y laterals and an average of 25 buds.
$20 DF
(Pumpkin Pie Spice X Linda Daniel)
DOR 27" 2.5 EMRe
This is a very cute great growing plant named for our very much missed Auriel who we lost in Jan.
This is a tiny banana yellow flower, with a wine eye and edge only 2.5 inches, an EMO with 4 way branching
and an average of 27 buds, Reblooms.

$15 DF


(Calling All Angels x Forestlake Ragamuffin)
Hardy Evr 32" 5.5 Mid
This flower is a flesh pink with a large dark purple
eye and picotee above a nice green throat offering
32 buds with flowers that open flat and wide.
A very vigorous grower with 3-4 way branching
and multiple y laterals.
I have never seen this kind of branching before..

$20 DF
                TOM RAWDING
    (Open My Eyes X Boundless Beauty)
                   SEV 42 " 7"  Fra MLRe

This impressive flower is named for the
  jovial Tom Rawding who passed away
suddenly this past Spring. Tom was a
    tireless promoter and leader and a
organizer of our NSDS events and will
     be missed by all who knew him.
Tom Rawding is a 7 inch,  nicely ruffled
and lightly sculpted cream flower that
        opens flat and wide with 3 way
branching on 42 inch scapes. Reblooms
here and is mildly fragrant with up to 26 buds.
                    A vigorous grower.

                                 $25 DF





(Her Majesty's Wizard X Mort Morss)
X Fashion Police
34",5", Sev Mid EMO
A very prolific, Diamond dusted Butter Yellow flower with deep wine eye and picotee.
Flowers open flat and is an early morning opener. Has 3 way branching with an average of 17 buds.

DF $30
Tom Rawding
Auriel Dell

Bloom Hilda

Coral's Constellation
Forever The Optimist

Miss Vicki


For Spring 2018

A Man Called Trout
(Pumpkin Prince X Zephyr's Song)
Tet. 34",6"flower,Mid Dor Re
24-28 buds on
3 way branching
Named for a wonderful Man
Trout (Richard) Johnson
Vibrant Tangerine with Orange -Red eye
and edge..striking!

About Fitz
(How Sweet It Is X Leslie Renee) 005 X Blood Sweat and Tears)
Tet Mid 42", 6" flower on 4 way branching
30 buds Dor ,Fragrant
Maroon flower with bluish eye
and green throat.

(Purple Cheetah X Teddy Bears Picnic)
Tet. 37",5" flower,Mid, Dor
3 way branching with16-20 buds.
Slate Grey-Purple flower with
purple triangular eye above a
yellow - green throat.

Joan's Jool
(Purple Beard X Dragon Fang)
Tet. 34",4.5" flower,ML, Re, Dor
Y branching at top with up to 16 buds
Purple Lavender Bitone with light watermark
and gold bubbly edge.
Quite unusual

Scarlet Screamer
(Atomic Inferno X Unknown)
Tet. 41",9" flower,Mid, Dor
4 way branching, 21 buds
A very bright, deep scarlet red large flower
with a black overlay and a bright yellow
throat.This one really stands out in the garden.

Golden Grazie

3 Divas


Raspberry Tears
Slow Love


Unknown X (Barbara Dittmer X Simply Divine)
Tet, 30",Mid, 4" flower, 4 way branching, Dor, Re

Cream flower with raspberry eye and edge
Unusual seersucker texture on petals.
Another vigorous grower.
Very showy.

DF $ 25

Winter Vision X (Barbara Dittmer X Simply Divine)

Tet, 32", a 5" flower on 3 way branching with 25 + buds ,
bud builder, Mid, Dor, Re, Fra

A vigorous grower and great bloomer, this creamy
flower has a piecrust edge and green throat.
Montechiari was the name of the Villa we stayed in while in Tuscany.

DF $ 25

((Daring Deception X Larry Grace)
X Pumpkin Prince)) X Portofino
Tet, 32" 3 way branching, 5",22 buds,Mid,Dor, Re

A ruffled vibrant gold self with a green throat.
A real eye catcher in the garden.

DF $30

(El Desperado X Tivoli Nightingale) X Licorice Candy
Tet, 30 " Sev. 3 way branching 24 buds,4.5 " flower. MidRe

A cute small flower with cream pink body
and wine-purple eye and picotee over a yellow-orange throat.
Vigorous grower and prolific bloomer.

DF $30

(Open My Eyes X Boundless Beauty) 008
Tet, 32", 3 way branching, 6" flower, 20 buds Mid, Sev,Re

A beautiful creamy pink flower with a lavender eye
and double edge and owl ears, a sib to Tom Rawding.

DF $25

Magnify The Lord X
((Unending Melody X (Out In Style X Unknown))
34",5", Sev MidLa
A Gold Yellow flower with patterned wine eye and and edge that looks a little different every day.
Has 2 way branching with Y laterals and an average of 12-16 buds.
Slow to increase
Very limited

SF $30
A Man Called Trout
About Fitz
Joan's Jool
Scarlet Screamer
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